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Arun Kumar Anantha Kumar
          Thank You for your Interest in Me. I am a Research Associate at Wildlife Institute of India, and have been doing web publishing for a while now (Two Years to be exact) most of them are about Wildlife and Nature.  I am great at wearing different hats efficiently and that is how doing the dual role between profession and passion. I always had this flavour for the Wildlife from my schooling and that is the reason I have a Masters in Oceanography and Remote Sensing.
          As am from a place close to a rain forest, I am always fascinated by the colors and sounds of the beautiful world around me. As a credit for my love for the animals and wild, I got an opportunity to work with Tigers for a year before my transformation as an academician. That is the part of my life which made me take up some serious conservation effort for saving the endangered wildlife. The result is THIS BLOG. With this as my first step into conservation will be soon starting a Non-Governmental Organization to indulge in more active conservation along with people who share a common idea.

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