The quicker we humans learn that saving open space and wildlife is critical to our welfare and quality of life, maybe we'll start thinking of doing something about it. - Jim Fowler (Zoologist & TV Host)

Lack of personal connection to the natural world by most of us is the reason why we aren’t serious about conserving nature and wildlife. Any conservation effort begins with Conservation Education. It is the process of inspiring people and positively influencing their attitudes, emotions, knowledge, and behaviors about wildlife and wild places. This blog is one such initiative, education the public through photos and facts about the wild animals. The ultimate goal of the blog is to create behavioral change that will have a positive impact on wildlife and wild places. The articles here in the blog have been structured in a way that informs, entertains and enlightens the reader. If you’re interested in the knowing the life story of a wild animal, the Save Nature Save Human Blog has what you need. Don’t  miss a post, Subscribe and Share

We invite comments and emails from subject matter experts to provide guidance, and subscribers to offer insights. Together, we will create a place to encourage others to get fascinated by the wildlife around us and to take conservation activity to make a big difference.

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We all can share the amazing stories about wild animals and to know and let know how we rely upon them for our needs.

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